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 RPS has more than ten experienced RP engineers in Marketing Dept. and Engineering Dept.,
 who can accurately analyze customers’ demands and provide best  solutions  for 
customers on  project cycle,
 quality control and cost control, so as to ensure fast  and smooth progress for customers’ project development and new product  production.

 RPS imported advanced ERP system to track the project schedules timely for all projects;
 For complex project with lead time more than one week, RPS provide project  schedules  to 
customers everyday to report timely project progress.
 Quotation (basing on customers’ accurate demands and craft selection)→ customers place order→ project analysis→ arrange production→ material purchase
 → production tracking→ quality control→ parts delivery→ quality problem feedback→ quality problem solving. 
 RPS makes real-time monitoring on the full range of processes.
 RPS has professional project managers to track and supervise the lead time and quality, to ensure the products can be delivered on time. 

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