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   RPS developed the automatic vacuum casting production line independently,
   which can automatically control the casting time of each vacuum casting parts,
   so as  to ensure
 the precision of the dimensions,
   greatly improve production efficiency and efficiently shorten lead time of vacuum casting parts.



   Silicone mould can make small volume plastic parts quickly with lower cost.
   Silicone mould can shorten new product development cycle, reduce development cost and decrease development risks. 
   Silicone mould can make complex parts with wall thickness only 0.5-1mm.

   Silicone mould can be comprehensively used for product development of automotive,
   motorcycle, household appliance and electronic products, etc.


  The experienced engineers produce vacuum casting parts with the quality close to injection parts.

   Automotive interior and exterior casting parts.




   Vacuum casting out of special materials, including overmolding parts.

  Silicone mould Life: About 20-25 sets, 4-6 sets per day.
  PU materials: ABS-like PU, PP-like PU, PA-like PU, PC-like PU, POM-like PU, PMMA-like, PA+GF-like PU, rubber-like PU,
  high-temperature resistant PU, flame resistant  ABS-like PU, etc.

  Vacuum casting machines: Imported vacuum casting system from Germany, maximum size: 2000mm
  Applicable: Small volume production (within 50sets) and special performance parts.

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